About Us

What Is The Stock Market Blueprint?

The Stock Market Blueprint is a site that finds value stocks for investors building long-term wealth. It gives individual investors an edge in the competitive market landscape by being both an educational resource and practical tool. We provide aspiring investors with the self-assurance needed to navigate the stock market with confidence and offer experienced investors a trustworthy source to research and analyze value investment opportunities.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to empower individual investors to take control of their financial destinies and confidently build long-term wealth in the stock market through the understanding and implementation of value investing principles.

Our Investment Philosophy

We whole-heartedly believe in the investment principles established by Benjamin Graham and his most reputable followers throughout the last 100 years. Treating each stock as part ownership in a business, quantitatively analyzing a company’s current and historical financial statements, and buying at large margins of safety are tried and true approaches to profiting in the stock market. Basing investment decisions on simple systematic rules removes behavioral bias and gives investors the discipline required to achieve outstanding returns.

Mitchell Mauer, Founder

Mitchell MauerThe Stock Market Blueprint was founded by Mitchell Mauer and launched in January, 2016. As a private investor and entrepreneur, Mitchell was not satisfied with other online offerings for individual investors and decided to build one himself. His passion for investing began with a desire to create long-term wealth beyond his 9-5 job and developed through inspiration from the writings of Benjamin Graham and other great value investors. Mitchell is a contributor for Seeking Alpha and a member of the American Association of Individual Investors(AAII). He and his wife live, work, and play in Salt Lake City, UT.

Contact Mitchell

Get in touch with Mitchell by sending him an email at Mitchell@TheStockMarketBlueprint.com.