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How it Works

Select a stock screen you want to build your portfolio around.
Create an investment strategy using our Shadow Stock Portfolios as a guide.
Conveniently buy and sell stocks directly from our site.
  • Select a Stock Screen

    Use our stock screens to find stocks which meet specific value investment criteria.

  • Create a Strategy

    Follow our Shadow Stock Portfolios for examples on investing with our stock screens.

  • Invest

    Place a trade for any stock you come across on our site.


Featured Strategies

  • Enterprise Multiple
  • Value Composite #1
  • Contrarian Approach
  • Magic Formula
  • Defensive Investor
  • Net Current Asset Value
  • Net-Net Working Capital
  • Enterprising Investor

Premium Stock Screens

  • Get a description of each screen and the criteria it must meet.
  • See up to 200 qualifying stocks per stock screen.
  • View and sort stocks by key ratios and fundamentals.
  • Find qualifying stocks in any market-cap category.

Shadow Stock Portfolios

  • Learn how to systematically invest using our Shadow Stock Portfolios.
  • Track the portfolios as they invest based on our screens.
  • Create your own investment strategy using similar buy/sell rules.
  • Or, match the investments of our Shadow Stock Portfolios.
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Place A Trade

  • Use the trade button to buy and sell any stock on the site.
  • Find your brokerage firm listed in the drop down menu.
  • Securely log in to your account without leaving the site.
  • Conveniently place your trade.
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