Investment Resources

A List of Investment Resources

We thought it would be helpful to create a page where you can easily find stock market investment resources. These are all tools we have personally used to gain knowledge of the stock market and investing in general. We’ll continually add to this list of investment resources as we learn more. In the meantime, here are the best of the best. Enjoy!

Freebies From Us

  • The Ultimate Guide to Value Investing: A free ebook on how to create an investment strategy that works for you.
  • Glossary of Investment Terms: The world of finance is filled with hard to understand terms and acronyms. It’s easy to get intimidated when a confusing term goes straight over your head. To help, we created a comprehensive Glossary of Investment Terms. Download your copy to keep with you the next time you need to look something up.
  • Value Investing Course: We created a free online course to help you navigate the stock market with confidence. It’s designed to be simple and concise, yet highly informative. Complete the course in your timing. Either in one sitting or over several days.
  • Book Review Compilation: On The Stock Market Blueprint blog, we review one investment book every month. To make things easy for you, we compiled the reviews of our most recommended books into one easy-to-read PDF. All of these books are sure to get your ‘stock market juices’ flowing, so download your copy now.

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  • A Wealth of Common Sense: Ben Carlson – Personal Finance, Investments, and Markets
  • Abnormal Returns: Tadas Viskanta – Forecast-free since 2005
  • Alpha Architect: Wesley Gray – We Empower Investors Through Education
  • Base Hit Investing: Jon Huber – Using Common Sense Principles &Proven Strategies to Methodically Build Superior Investment Results
  • csinvesting: John Chew – Intensive investing education through case studies
  • The Felder Report: Jesse Felder – Taking The Financial Road Less Traveled
  • Greenbackd: Tobias Carlisle – Deep Value…Contrarian…Activist Involvement
  • The Investor’s Field Guide: Patrick O’Shaughnessy – A place for anyone who understands that beating the market has always been difficult.
  • Musings on Markets: Aswath Damodaran – My not-so-profound thoughts about valuation, corporate finance, and the news of the day.
  • The Reformed Broker: Josh Brown – This blog is about markets, politics, economics, media, culture and finance.


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