Data Errors

At The Stock Market Blueprint we strive for perfection. In an effort to achieve this, we are always looking for opportunities to improve upon the results of our stock screens. From time to time, a stock appears on a screen that shouldn’t. This is usually due to inconsistencies in the data from our third-party provider. To help you make the best investment decisions, we list all outstanding errors which we are working to resolve. Before making an investment decision, please review the list below.

Errors Being Resolved

Ticker Symbol: MNI

  • Issue: P/E ratio is displayed as positive but should be negative.
  • Screen: Value Composite
  • Date Discovered: 11/30/2016

Ticker Symbol: LIVE

  • Issue: Market Cap is displaying around $10 million but should be closer to $60 million; this is affecting its price ratios.
  • Screen: Value Composite
  • Date Discovered: 1/4/2017

Ticker Symbol: SGU

  • Issue: P/B ratio is displaying as 0 but should be around 2 (this does not affect the stock’s ranking on the screen).
  • Screen: Magic Formula
  • Date Discovered: 1/4/2017

Always Double Check

Please understand that this list may not capture all issues with the data. Even though we’re always on the look out for errors, it’s possible we may miss some. Before buying or selling a stock, we highly recommend you double check the data yourself. To do so, go to the SEC database website and search for the ticker symbol in question. There, you’ll be able to sift through the company’s financial statements to ensure everything adds up.

See Something We Missed?

If you do find an error we didn’t see, please let us know. Your input is greatly appreciated and will help to improve the results for everyone in The Stock Market Blueprint community.

If you come across a stock that doesn’t look right, send an email to